which credit card ?

Hi we are interested to know which credit card people have chosen and why ? With the amount of choice out there depending on what type of spending habits you have you could save a lot of money by having the right card. The choice of card depends of whether you pay off your entire balance every month (and if so how much you spend on your card every month) or if carry a balance over from month to month. High spenders what pay off their cards every month might be better off looking at a card with a rewards program which allows them to accumulate points for their spending. Many small business owners use these cards as they can accumulate points for their business spending.
If you carry a balance over from month to month a low interest rate card with a low annual fee might be the best option for you. There are also specials offered by various providers such as the current 1.9% for 15months on balance transfers offered by Citibank on their Emirates platimum card. Only use a balance transfer card if you are planning to pay off the entire balance before the end of the promotional period. After the promotional period the interest rate usually reverts to a much higher interest rate, in the order of 19-20% !
So post your comments on which card you use and why, you might be able to help some of our other readers save some money !!